Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a legacy to

Just Whippets Rescue

Please take some time to consider the future of your whippet when you are no longer around to look after him/her.


We can look after your whippet once you are gone. We can find him/her a loving new life long home following your instructions, your dog would be cared for in a loving foster home while we do this. Don’t worry, your whippet will not be placed in kennels.

Any money donated will go to whippets in need, as we do not pay any salaries and/or pay for kennels.

Your legacy can also help to ensure we continue working towards helping more whippets.

Please consider including a small legacy to Just Whippets Rescue when you are thinking about making your will.

For more information please speak to us in person 0845 625 6211 or complete the 'Email Form' below. We will then send you out by email or post our ‘Leaving a Legacy’ brochure.


Just Whippets Rescue recommend you take professional guidance and advice when making and/or updating a Will.

Here for your whippets, here for you.

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Thank You