2 years old in October



From her current owner:

"Isla is a very loving dog and has no problems with our other dogs

She is good with people and children over 6, our grandchild. She has no real experience of younger children but would probably be too boisterous for them to cope with.

She is never fed titbits when we are eating and does not bother us at mealtimes. Saying that she never misses a chance to steal food from the table or work top when we are not looking. She almost seems to be naughty to cause a distraction then dash in to grab what she can.  

She will be told to wait for her food and will eat when told to. You can take her food away from her with no trouble. The same goes with blankets and toys unless she has them in her mouth.

Will let vet etc. examine her but does not like having her nails cut. She wears a dog seat belt in the car but can be travel sick.

Her morning routine usually starts with a walk about 7:30 and her main meal about 9:00 after our breakfast.

She usually has 2 walks of about 45mins each day but does not like rain, when she wears a coat. She also wears a jumper or coat on winter walks. 

It is on these walks that most of her behaviour problems show. She does not like motor bikes, scooters, cyclists, cats and most other dogs particularly if they have black faces. My wife thinks she cannot see the dog’s facial expression and so goes ready for an attack but we believe she is scared and would back off if she was loose.  

Most of the day is spent lazing on their own sofa burying under throws. If the weather is good she will have some playtime in the garden chasing balls but not very good at giving them up to be thrown again. She likes to eat flowers, particularly dandelions, and dig holes. Also if she gets the chance she will eat the other dog’s faeces. None of the dogs are allowed on any other furniture or in the sitting room unless we are there or upstairs.

Her night time routine, about 11pm is a trip outside on the lead because there might be a hedgehog to worry. Then in her ‘box’ with a couple of Winalot and a blanket to bury under. "



Please fill out an Adoption Application Form if you would want to adopt her into your family. 

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