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Red Fawn


A gorgeous red fawn whippets looking for his new forever home, here is what his previous human has said:

"Buddy is a very loving, sweet boy, loves a belly rub and snuggles, he’s been great with my 6 year old daughter.


He knows some commands like sit, wait, down, paw. He’s loved his walks with us but I don’t think his previous owners walked him much as he really pulls on the lead. I don’t really know much more as we’ve not even had him a week and I took him as I couldn’t see him go to just anyone via a ‘free to good’ home’ add on Facebook.


He is reactive to cats.


I’d love him to go with experienced owners who can give him a lovely life. He is used to being left."

Located near Doncaster.

Buddy will need castrating.

If you think you can offer a forever home to Buddy, please fill out an Adoption Application (even if you have before, as it really helps our volunteers).







White & Brindle


A lovely Lola looking for his new forever home, here is what her previous human has said:

"Lola has her good and her bad days one day she’ll be fine do really well have a little bark at the start of a walk then won’t bark at dogs and the next it’s like I’m back to square one. I take full responsibility for Lola’s behaviour being poor she needs someone who’s confident to show her not to be afraid she’s just nervous so she acts loud.

Many times in a secure area with my friends I have let her off with dogs as she is better off lead as she feels free and she can escape the situation when around calm dogs that are not bothered by others and she will even play with the dogs once being on a few walks with them but I would choose a home that doesn’t have a dog as she will have a lot of new adjustments and that will be way to much for her to cope with and I think she’s definitely a dog that needs one on one attention and not feel like she has competition.

Lola is very nervous in new environments and is always on alert. For example Lola has lived in a town before but I have recently moved to a new one and she is unsettled with noises but has already improved in this house within 2 weeks of being here the first night we stayed here she’d hear a noise and was growling so she just needs lots of reassurance as she is a an insecure dog.

Due to her still being nervous she does have her little accidents in the house when I’m at work on some weeks she will be left up to 9 hours on her own which is so not compatible with Lola at all. Lola knows that she needs to use the toilet outside and is very good at doing so but due to the anxiety it’s making her have these accidents also due to her being insecure and guarding of the house she will sometimes do a little pathetic wee to mark what’s hers as if she was a male. 


Lola will travel in the car without any sickness but does pant she’s an anxious traveller but has always been in the car every week.


Above all of this Lola can be very affectionate and loving and will thrive in an environment that can for-fill her needs and give her all the time and attention that she is dying to have. Lola need someone who has firm boundaries and lots of patience and input good habits as my mums partner use to undermined me and feed her from plates which has given her the new behaviour and caused confusion for her with multiple behaviours as I’m saying no and then when i wasn’t a round she was allowed to do whatever she wanted. Speaking of food Lola will also counter surf. Lola has been my baby and I have tried my best with her but it is no longer enough to keep her happy and I can’t maintain good behaviours with my current situation.

Lola needs more than I can give and I’m sure when she finds a happy loving home that will make her thrive I’m sure her behaviours will improve, She will also be quite happy to sit for them and give her paw. I have worked with dogs and know that it is harder to untrain bad behaviours but Lola is almost 5 with the right owner I believe that many behaviours could improve majorly as she still has many years ahead of her."

Located near Hereford.

Lola has been Spayed.

If you think you can offer a forever home to Lola, please fill out an Adoption Application (even if you have before, as it really helps our volunteers).

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