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One years Old

Black/Brown Brindle & White


From his present owner: 

Bolt was born and raised here with me, my mum and my 7 year old son. He is now 1 year and 3 months old. We own his mother- Holly, who is descended from 13 racing champions and is a wonderful dog and mother. We decided we loved Holly so much that we wanted pups just like her and sought a very beautiful champion show dog to father the pups. (Champion Nevedith Zuffor Zephr). Holly had a very healthy litter of 9 on the 26th October 2018 and they all either took after mum or dad, except Bolt, who looked like neither of them and gradually won his way into everyone’s hearts as he stood out from the rest so much, being black/brown brindle and white (mum is fawn and white parti colour and dad is a grey and white brindle parti colour).


Bolt is the most loving, lovable, big softie you could find in a dog. He is on the larger end of the scale for a whippet standing 22 inches and weighing just over 17kg. He is very friendly and sociable with both humans and dogs alike. He doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body and is great with children of all ages. He is always walked off the lead, he has perfect recall and comes back every time I whistle, without fail. He loves to approach all the dogs he meets, wagging his tail and make them chase him. He also loves to chase his ball with mum.


Despite all the above and having no stress in his life he is a very needy, clingy dog and has separation anxiety even when left for 10 mins with his mum Holly. He even hates the door closing on him for 5 mins and longs to be around humans all the time. 


There is nearly always someone at home as we live with my mum who is retired and I only work part-time however this is still not enough as the moment we go upstairs he will try and find something of ours to destroy or will poo and wee in protest. It is clear that he is unhappy at being left by the humans in his life. He has in the past chewed wooden dining room furniture.


It is not practical to have him upstairs and we have never had dogs sleeping with us in over 40 years. We have bought a large crate and closed the door on him whenever we have to leave. 


The decision to try and rehome him has been a very long and difficult one and comes about mainly because my mother is 71 and I have to start full time work soon so he will be alone more often. Waking up to 2 piles of mess and a flooded kitchen in the morning is not what we want. As a family his behaviour is upsetting. He is so needy that you can’t sit without him jumping on you and he obviously follows every move you make. He also pushes his mother out all the time so she no longer approaches us for fuss or attention and is getting neglected. 


I do believe that away from his mother he will make a beautiful pet. He obviously needs someone who is at home nearly all day or works from home. Ideally he would love to be the centre of attention all the time! He would love to be with his human family all day every day and he loves his walks, so requires a fair bit of exercise. We have therefore made the difficult decision as we think it will be better for him, better for our family and better for his Holly, his mum.


With the right owner and lifestyle he will be a stunning dog.


He is currently in Yorkshire.