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The Origin of the Whippet

Details connected with the origin of the Whippet are vague.
The suggestion that it was crossed with the Greyhound and an Italian Greyhound or small game Terriers.
The Whippet was loved by the miners of Northern England as a sporting dog and was part of its owners family slept in the children’s beds to keep warm and used mainly for rabbit chasing. Then the attention was turned to racing whippets along a straight track. Bitches were faster than dogs. The Whippet was officially registered as a breed by the English Kennel Club in 1902.
A Whippet loves human companionship and makes a loveable pet very clean in the house, easy to manage and to groom.The breed is very hardy so that it is not likely to develop any of the hereditary diseases as in other breeds.
Many people are surprised to learn that Whippets are remarkable watchdogs, as they render a meek and mild appearance but the dogs are quickly aroused when a stranger is about, or if their owners are in danger.


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