Before you complete the form please confirm you understand and meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. You have a secure garden, with a minimum fence height of 5ft and no weak points.

  2. The dog will be left for no more than one period of 4 hours per day.

  3. If you are currently in a rented property, a copy of your Rental Agreement will need to be submitted to us.

  4. You are currently residing in the UK.

  5. I am the Applicant not a third party.


Lockdown Demand

Like many other rescues we are seeing a high demand for pets during this pandemic, if you want a whippet/cross please also consider the points bellow:

  1. Think carefully, just because you are working from home now, does not mean that is forever

  2. A pet is not 'thing' you can use to 'entertain' your children/yourselves a pet requires commitment

  3. We have NO DOGS currently waiting for adoption (that includes no dogs that are 'behind the scenes' either) & we cannot predict when another one will come in- please be patience