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Dog Care in Spring

Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is

While you and your dog are both sure to welcome the warmer weather (and longer walks!) this time of year can bring added safety and health concerns. We’ve rounded up the facts. 

Prevent Pesky Parasites

Spring isn’t the only thing to have sprung: so have fleas and ticks! These parasites emerge during warmer weather and, as your dog will be heading outdoors for longer stretches, he’ll be at a higher risk of encountering them – especially in long grass. While both fleas and ticks can cause severe itching and discomfort, ticks can also spread conditions such as Lyme disease (a bacterial infection that can result in lameness, a high temperature and kidney problems). Spot-on treatments are a good way to keep your dog protected all year long. Speak to your vet to find the best products for your pet.

Snail Tales

When slugs and snails come to life in the spring they can bring with them lungworms. These parasites can infect a dog’s heart, lungs and blood vessels, and can cause breathing difficulties, coughing (especially bringing up blood), vomiting, and diarrhoea. Your dog can get lungworm if he eats an infected slug or snail, or even licks grass that has a slime trail on it. Make sure that the worming product you’re using protects against lungworm too and, if you’re unsure, ask your vet for their recommendation.

Going Green

With gardening in full swing at this time of year, it’s worth paying special attention to poisonous plants. Flowering plants such as rhododendrons, daffodils, geraniums and azaleas, are highly toxic to pets and can cause adverse reactions, especially in older dogs. If you’re in doubt, take a look at Dogs Trust’s comprehensive list of what to avoid. Also keep in mind that lawn fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides could contain ingredients that are dangerous if your dog ingests them. Dogs also find slug pellets particularly tasty, but they are lethal if ingested. Try to opt for ‘green’ or pet-friendly versions of these products wherever possible.


The information provided is only for the reader's advice, if there is any concerns, please consult your vet or a professional animal behaviourist. 


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Demand for Puppies!

Dog breeders and the Kennel Club are seeing a high rise in demands for puppies. Whippet puppies alone are going over 200% their normal price. 

Remember there is a difference from a puppy to fully-grown dog. Do your research e.g. the behaviour of the breed and the breeder you are getting the puppy from make sure you see the mother and if you don't think it seems right don't purchase the puppy. 

Also think of your circumstances, they might be free at the moment to care for the puppy, but will they be in a couple of months or a years time? 

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All dog owners should be aware of the laws that govern dog ownership. Kennel Club Guide to UK Dog Law


How Crucial Was Your Dog to Your Happiness During Lockdown?

Lockdown was a difficult time for all of us, the uncertain times we still live through too. 

According to a new study, 8 in 10 dog owners said their pet was extremely important to their mental wellbeing during the UK’s lockdown and believe their dogs were largely happy, some did admit that their dog wasn’t his usual self as a result of being indoors for longer periods of time with the whole family.

Just remember if you are still isolating, keep to a route for your dog mental health as well as your's. It could be a good excuse to spend more time with your dog, perhaps learn a new trick. 

Just remember to keep in mind of your dog's well being. 



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