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Just Whippets Rescue is a registered Charity that rescues, re homes and rehabilitates Whippets and Whippets X’s across England, Scotland and Wales. As a small and independent Charity we receive no Government funding and rely on the support of Volunteers and Donations. Just Whippets Rescue is solely operated by unpaid Trustees and Volunteers. We do not own a Rescue Centre, kennelling facilities or office premises.


Making A Difference

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Please be patient with us, you will get a reply just as soon as we are able to.There are no employees and we do not employ Vets, trainers or any other professional people. If a professional needs to be called upon the costs of which must be funded from our Just Whippets Charity Account. Every penny raised goes to help another Whippet or Whippet X in need. In the last year we re homed over 120 Whippets to their new homes. We strive to work in a way that is open, honest, transparent and accountable to our stakeholders.

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Just Whippets Rescue rely on our “silent team” of wonderful fosterers with our whom we would find it difficult to operate. Our fosterers help us by having a dog to stay in their homes, helping us assess the dogs, caring for them and often working with them on various issues.

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The Trustees take their responsibilities very seriously. We are very aware of the duty of care that we have both to the Whippets that come into our Care and to the Adoptive Families who take them on. By matching the dogs needing homes with potential new homes on our waiting list, all of which have been thoroughly home checked, we believe we can achieve the best home for the Whippet. Between our Trustees we have over 60 years of Whippet and Whippet X experience and we share that experience in order to do our very best for the dogs.

We aim to care for and re-home as many un-wanted, stray or neglected Whippets or whippets X’s as we can. As well as providing advice and support to current owners.

Every dog adopted from Just Whippets Rescue is:

  • Microchipped

  • Vaccinated

  • Given £50 Neutered voucher. Under no circumstances and with no exceptions is Just Whippets Rescue dogs to be used for breeding.

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Whippets and Whippet X’s come in as strays, and many different other reasons such as:

  • the “present” is too much trouble

  • a new baby arriving

  • their owners splitting up

  • they are too old to work

  • their owners working pattern change

  • they have a behavioural problem

  • their owners move house or emigrate

  • or even a new puppy arrives (so the oldie has to go!)

Whatever the reason Just Whippets Rescue are here to help care for and re home your Whippet or Whippet X.

Unlike many other similar organisations, we maintain contact with the new owner for the remainder of the dog’s like to ensure the dog’s continued well-being. This is via email, newsletters or telephone calls.

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