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The loss of an animal companion may be one of the most devastating and painful experiences we ever face. For many, such a loss is as traumatic as losing a family member or a dear friend and can trigger an intense grieving process. Grieving for a loved animal is a natural and normal reaction and will vary from person to person.

Shock, denial and feelings of anger and guilt are frequently felt when you feel that you can no longer care for your beloved pet and companion. As we struggle to come to terms with the reality of the loss, many of us will experience waves of grief and intense painful awareness.

Surrendering your whippet to Just Whippets Rescue is not a retractable act. It’s not a temporary fix. It should be your option of last resort. If you have no other options, you can trust that Just Whippets Rescue will treat your whippet humanely.

Whippets Rescue will treat your whippet humanely.
You can be assured that we do not breed or work any of the whippets that come into our care and will be spayed/neutered where appropriate. We do not buy whippets that are for sale from a private individual or on any public media sites. It is also our policy to never put down a healthy dog.


Just Whippets Rescue does not exist to provide temporary respite for pet owners with problems. When you commit the act of relinquishment, you are proclaiming that, for whatever reason, you are not in a position to responsibly and permanently provide care for your whippet. When Just Whippets Rescue screens applicants for adoption, they are looking for someone who is in a position to provide just that.

When you surrender your pet, you are giving up all legal ownership rights to the dog. Legal ownership and responsibility are transferred to Just Whippets Rescue. We take your whippet’s well-being very seriously and have a team of compassionate and dedicated volunteers who will provide loving care until he/she is adopted in their new forever home.
To reduce the stress on the animal and yourselves we would always encourage you to keep them until we can find a new home for them, rather than re-homing them in one of our foster homes. We get a detailed history of the pet and fully assess them, as we would with any animal in our care. We then create a rehoming profile for the whippet on our website and start looking for a loving new home for them.

When we’ve found a potential approved new owner we’ll arrange for them to contact you to discuss the dog. The benefits of this arrangement is that it saves the dog from additional stress of staying in a new foster home as they’ll go straight from one loving home to another. Some people also like it because it means they can meet the new owner and find out more about where their pet will be living. We’ve heard many stories of the original and new owners keeping in touch after the pet has been rehomed.

It also frees up more space with our fosterers so we can take in more whippets that have no other choice, for example if they’re a stray, abandoned or suffering from neglect.
If you’re giving up your whippet because of a behavioral problem, let Just Whippets Rescue know. Omitting information about your whippet’s behavioral problem is not only unfair to Just Whippets Rescue but is unfair to the family that may eventually adopt your whippet. This could put your whippet at risk of once again being returned to Just Whippets Rescue.

Please be honest, we are not here to judge as our first priority is for the welfare of the dog!





We would urge you not to advertise your dog “free to a good home” on these sites, as there has been a huge increase in dogs being sold on to other homes, turning up dead, mutilated or in a dreadful condition.

Increasing numbers of people are trawling these sites for free dogs to use as bait dogs for dog-fighting rings, often posing (very convincingly) as loving family homes. Or in the case of un-neutered dogs & bitches to use as breeding machines and then being cast out.
If you do advertise your dog, you should insist on visiting any potential homes, and taking up references with a vet etc. If they are genuinely offering a loving home for life, they will not mind.

If your whippet originally came from a Rescue, then you should contact them in the first instance to ascertain you are not in breach of your Adoption Agreement by re homing the dog.  Rescues insist on being contacted first under such situations and will often have micro chip details registered to themselves, any alteration would alert the Rescue.

While we don’t have a set fee for surrendering a dog we do ask for an appropraite donation to help care for the dogs in our care. For example, it costs around £35 to vaccinate a dog and at least £150 to spay a bitch.

We all appreciate that this may be a distressing time having to surrender your beloved whippet but if you would like to make a donation towards his/her ongoing care please select the donation icon.

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