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Just Whippets Rescue are an organisation set up to rescue, rehabilitate where necessary and re home whippets in need of care and attention by reason of sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances or ill usage.


Just Whippets Rescue never uses Kennels all our dogs in Foster are fostered in our Home Checked approved whippet friendly foster homes. Having foster homes throughout the Country allows us to Rescue whippets nationally without us having to be tied to one central location. Just Whippets Rescue therefore has no re homing Centre and all our day to day Administration is administered near Exeter, Devon.

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We as a charity have seen a huge demand for dogs last year. 


Sizeable compare to previous years.

Whippet puppy's prices going from £2,500+. A huge increase from previous years. Puppies do grow up and between 6 to 18 months* can be a real struggle to handle them.


Not only puppy prices increasing, but the amount of stolen dogs.

Covid-19's lockdowns are likely to blame for such demands. 

When considering any dog/pet for adoption, please consider your life style long term.

1. Just because you are working from home- will you in the long term future (remember whippets can live over 15 years)

2. Pets are not entertainment 'things' amuse your children/yourselves

Remember do not feed the demand if you do not want a dog in years to come.

Dogs and pets are for life, they depend on you, they will love you, they will worship you, but please do not break their hearts when our lives start to return to normal. 



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