Rupert Whippet – Take A Break

A very big thank you to Rupert Whippet who has very kindly donated his payment to Just Whippets Rescue.  Please don’t forget to purchase your copy this Thursday 29th January 2015.

In Rupert’s words:

“I have a BIG announcement!!! Because I didn’t have a charity calendar this year I did something else to raise money to help other whippets!!
I borrowed my Grandma’s ‘Take A Break’ magazine and sent in some of my pictures!!! The people at the magazine liked them and so I ‘sold my story’ and will be getting a payment of £300 which I have promised to give to the whippet charity ‘Just Whippets rescue’!! I am very excited, the magazine will be out this Thursday 29th January so you had better all run down to your local news agents to buy it if you want to see me!” Love from Rupert xxxxxx

See some pictures...