Petplan Insurance

Helping to make your choice easier

Finding the right pet insurance policy to suit your pet and your pocket can be both confusing and time consuming. As the UK’s leading dog insurance provider we cater to the needs of all dog owners and that is reflected by our policy options: Covered For Life® and Petplan Essential.

What is Covered For Life®?


This is our most popular policy and is promoted by 9 out of 10 vets. Our Covered For Life® plan will cover you against the ongoing costs of treating lifetime and chronic conditions.

To offer you greater flexibility there are different tiers of Covered For Life® options – Classic with vet fees cover of up to £4,000 or £7,000 per year and Ultimate with up to £12,000 vet fees per year. Over 90% of our customers renew their Covered For Life® dog insurance policies each year thanks to the on-going benefits which are instantly topped back up at the point of renewal.

Both policies offer a host of valuable benefits as standard including Third Party Liability cover, complementary treatment, should your dog require specialist care such as hydrotherapy and advertising and reward. Take a look at the table below to see exactly what is covered under our plans.

What is Petplan Essential?


Petplan Essential is our time-limited policy designed for owners either of older dogs (which may not be eligible for a Covered For Life® policy) or those looking to insure with us but under a budget-conscious option. The policy gives you many of the valuable benefits to cover the treatment costs of lots short-term issues, including £3,000 of vet fees cover and £500 of complementary treatment.

In addition to the peace of mind that insurance may provide, by choosing a Petplan policy you can also help to save the lives of whippets less fortunate than your own. Petplan will donate 10% of your premium to Just Whippets Rescue when you take out a policy quoting our Petplan charity number 1300061325.


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