Sarah Wye – Fundraising

Just Whippets Rescue are proud to announce Sarah Wye who is one of our wonderful telephone ladies is undertaking the Isle of Wight Challenge. You may ask what the Challenge is? On 30 April/1 May 2016 she will be attempting to walk, non-stop, the 106 km (65.8 miles) full coastal path loop of the Isle […]

Micro Chipping Update

At the beginning of February the Charity passed all the Adopters (Keepers) details to the various Micro Chipping Companies to update their files, however, as you can imagine they have been in undated. Confirmation of the change will be sent out as soon as the various Chipping Companies possibly can, I believe they are currently two […]

Rupert our Patron, “I did it!”

Rupert our Patron, “I did it!” “I’m on page 34 of this weeks Bumper Christmas issue of ‘Take a Break’ magazine! It is dated 23rd December and is issue 50/51. It’s like a Christmas story , with me pretending to do all nice things for Christmas!! If any people are new to my page then I would […]

Smokey Paws

On one of our walks round The Pet Show the following stand caught our eye “Smokey Paws”. They are trying to press home the message that ever fire engine in the UK has a Pet Oxygen mask on board. 46% of households in the UK have pets and UK fire engines do not carry Pet […]

Friends of Just Whippet Rescue

The Winter 2017 issue of “Friends of Just Whippets Rescue” will be posted out shortly to our Members, we hope you enjoy our Newsletter it looks really good. It will also come with the latest car sticker. If you would like to become a member please click on link below, all monies raised through membership goes […]

Rupert’s Supporting David and Martine.

“Hey! You caught me working out! I’m doing this in support of David and Martine who are competing in the London & Plymouth marathons to raise funds for ‘Just Whippets Rescue’. If you would like to sponsor them to raise money to help other whippets then here are their sponsorship pages! Ready, steady, Go!!!” David […]