Know the Trustees

Julie West – Chair

I’m Julie I live in Devon, just outside Exeter with my husband and two children, mother and a wonderful group of whippets.

Since then my work load has grown from Fostering, transport runs to answering the Just Whippets Rescue phone. All Just Whippets Rescue Admin is now based with me which has been no mean feat to undertake, with over 500 dogs now fully filed. I became a Trustee in May 2012 when the Charity obtained Charitable Status.

The work is now a full time job and like my fellow Trustee states “It’s a way of life”, which has now encompassed my whole family. They all have their Just Whippets Rescue jobs they help out with; you might have even seen them on the Just Whippets Rescue Stall at shows.

My first whippet George joined our household in 1984 and lived to the right old age of 15, he was my first ever dog and since then I have loved whippets. For the last 35 years I have had Italian Greyhounds and my husband’s rescued Lurcher—Billy. Today’s pack is entirely whippets. The latest two I’m afraid to say are my failed Foster dogs, everyone fails sometimes during Fostering.

Don’t forget if you love whippets we are always looking for additional volunteers who can help in anyway.

Mike Pankhurst – Financial Trustee

I was born in Tenterden, Kent, and is therefore a Man of Kent (as opposed to a Kentish Man – very important distinction). While I lived in Kent I kept rare breed chickens and became quite expert over the keeping of the Sussex Breed chickens.

Moving to the Isle of Wight in 2004, I had one whippet a blue bitch called Lulu. Freddie a fawn male joined the family in 2005.

Sadly Lulu died in October 2011, and Freddie was so distraught that the family started looking for additions to the family, and came across Harri and Charlie through the Just Whippets Rescue site. This increased the family to 4, which became 6 early in 2013 when Polly and Demi came to live. Sadness has struck 3 times in 2013, with Polly, Demi, and Harri crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

I am totally dedicated to whippets, and the work of Just Whippets Rescue. I believe that whippets are a particularly special breed of dogs, they are so easy to keep, so loving in return, and wonderful to watch at full speed.

Tony West

I am the long suffering husband of Julie who as you all know is the life blood of the charity. I have always supported her and Just Whippets Rescue from behind the scenes, attending shows and helping with the admin.

I have always been around animals all my life ranging from hamsters to Shetland ponies, but the majority of these animals have been dogs. All but one has been a rescue dog. My last dog which came with me when Julie and I were married was Billy my greyhound cross lurcher.

Then after a few years we obtained a whippet puppy and the breed stole my heart as I am sure you are all aware they can do. We have not looked back.

So if you are at a show and see our stand please come over and look for me the whippet widow.