Poor little Pepsi was found tied up after the fair left town she was taken to the local dog pound where upon Just Whippets Rescue was contacted. They informed us she was due to be put to sleep in five days time. So we had less than a week to find a foster home.

We were fortunate enough to help and she is now in a lovely foster home being rehabilitated. She is very nervous and hand shy, She cowers and lays on the floor when a hand is put out towards her.

Pepsi seems to have had little or no human contact and if she did the contact was not positive. The foster carer is doing a wonderful job and slowly she is gaining confidence and trust.

Pepsi rarely wagged her tail which I am happy now to report this ischanging and she has no idea what a toy is.

Knowing the foster mummy I am sure this will change.

See some pictures...