Ned – Whippet

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Ned will be 2 years old on 7th Feb.

He is a black with a white blaze on his chest, 21″ tts.

He is fully vaccinated, micro chipped and castrated.

He is used to toddlers and Primary school aged children.

Also used to cats.

Below a write up from his owners:

Ned is used to a very comfortable life, loves to snuggle down and won’t be suitable for anyone who objects to dogs on the furniture.
Ned is an athletic and playful boy … we have largely cured him from jumping up to greet people but he is not quite 100% on this although this depends upon the person greeting him too … Ned has developed a rather sweet way (I think) of greeting by walking in and out of your legs and ‘talking’ to you.
We believe that Ned’s primary need is for a really good playmate so a home with another friendly dog or two that are equally playful would be ideal … having said that, he doesn’t have an excessive need for exercise at all, he is a real sleepy head, always the last one to get up in the morning.
He understands and responds very well to commands, sit, stay, wait, can I have your paw, no Ned, good lad, gentle (when taking food).  As a pup we made sure to fiddle about with his food a bit when he was eating so he didn’t get possessive over it and this has worked very well, he doesn’t snatch food and does not growl or react if you go near his bowl.
He doesn’t have any aggression in him at all and would be nervous of any other dog that did show aggression to him, equally he would most likely be too ‘in your face’ for a more aloof or small dog.
He doesn’t like the sound of gun shot one little bit! He’s also a bit nervous of tractor mowers/quad bikes etc.
As a pup he was car sick and although he’s no longer sick he does still tremble and pant in the car but I’m pretty sure if he was with a confident car dog that would soon rub off on him.
He has never shown any anxiety or any destructive behaviour when left alone (he might find himself a piece of your clothing or a slipper to pop in his basket though if they’re laying around) … we work from home though so he is not used to being left on a regular basis at all.
Currently in South Devon.

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