Lyra – Whippet X (Lurcher)

Lyra is approx 1 1/2 years old black whippet x lurcher.

22tts, micro chipped and vaccinated

She will require spaying and will be form part of the Adoption Contract and verified by the Adopters Veterinarian.

She has a very strong prey drive and her forever sofa would require controlled exercise whilst off lead.

She is used to children and other dogs but requires a household that will keep her active and well exercised in a controlled environment.

Strictly no small furries household and an experienced Lurcher owner.

She would love a similar likeminded dog to play with and be a good influence.

Some words from her owner about her:

“Lyra loves her toys.  She brings them to be thrown, and she likes to hang on and pull, and to squeak the squeaky ones. The toys live in a bag in the sitting room and she knows where to go to get them out.  She does like to sit on a chair or sofa.  Some of mine have a towel or blanket on them.  She is very sleek and clean, so no sign of hairs around and no harm done.  She disliked the car and did a lot of drooling at first, but now she will jump in or out, and seems more comfortable.  She likes Markies and those treats that look like little bones, but she isn’t greedy and likes a bit of change in her meals – i.e. a different kind of meat or biscuits from time to time.  She loves playing with another dog.  She sleeps in her dog-cage in the kitchen with the door open.  My garden, so far, keeps her in, and she goes looking at rabbit holes in the banks but she comes back and in, if the door is open.  She really likes children and visitors.  She’s a bit bouncy at first, but soon calms down. She has not caught a rabbit, or anything else.  There are plenty here but they all have holes to go down!  She’s used to walking on a long line, and doesn’t get too tangled up.  We walk around the fields, and she has been in the town, but not much.  She doesn’t get on kitchen counters, but if a chair is left pulled out, she might get onto the table.”

Currently in Dorset.

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