Flossie- Whippet/Bedlington X

Flossie is 4 years old, female Whippet X Beddlington.

She is 20″ tts, Micro Chipped.

Vaccinations are required to be bought up to date, which the Charity will cover after Adoption.

Flossie requires spaying and again this will be subject to the Charity’s Adoption contract and confirmation from a Veternianrian.

She can react on lead to other dogs and will bark and pull on her lead if she sees them.

Flossie is used to traveling and is not used to children.

Ideally a dog free home and an experienced Whippet/Bedlington X owner.

In her owners words:

“Flossie is a very sweet little dog in many ways. Very loving inquisitive and easy to train. She likes to play with her toys and loves to run around in an enclosed space.
However she can be quite nervous and this can show itself in aggressive behaviour to other dogs.
I have thought in retrospect that Flossie’s nervousness may have been roughly handled by the children in the house were we bought her from at 12 weeks old.
I have 2 older whippets and Flossie does tend to dominate them. So I wonder if she would settle better in a home with no dogs.
We have thought long and hard about rehoming Flossie and with sadness believe it’s in her best interest due to our own ill health.”
Currently in Coventry.

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