Flash – Whippet

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Flash is a male 7 year old black and white whippet.

Micro chipped, vaccinated and castrated.

He is 20″ tts.

He travels well in the car.

Not cat safe and is currently not living with children.

A write up from his current owner:

“We have had flash since he was a puppy he is very laid back And good natured.He has never shown any aggression to a person or other dog.He gets on with children my nieces are 5  And 6 he is very good with them. And other dogs he actually lives with 2 small dogs who he gets on great with.He doesn’t get on with cats he chases them.In the house he lies on the sofa with a coat And blanket on sleeping most of the time.He is a food thief he will eat any kind of food if it’s left in his reach.Out he is good on the lead.We only let him off the lead in very large parks and he will come back.” He has a prey drive for small furries etc. He can slip out of an open gate given the chance, so strong high fencing will be paramount.

Due unfortunately to ill health he is looking for a forever sofa where he can receive the attention and walks to meet his needs.

Currently in Derbyshire.

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