What is Just Whippets Rescue?

Just Whippets Rescue covers the whole of the United Kingdom founded in April 2010. We are registered with the Charity Commission (Registered Number 1165551).

What are the charity’s objectives?

Just Whippets Rescue is an organisation set up to rescue, rehabilitate where necessary and re home whippets in need of care and attention by reason of sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances or ill usage.

We also provide a re-homing service for whippets owners who can no longer keep their much loved friends due to circumstances beyond their control. This service guarantees that those whippets are placed in safe, loving forever homes.

How many Whippets has the charity re homed?

To date since April 2010 we have homed over 800 whippets to their forever homes. Which equates to approximately 200 dogs a year.


Just Whippets Rescue operates throughout England, Wales and Scotland via a network of approved Foster Carers and Volunteers. A volunteer is a supporter who gives their time (or services) for free to the charity. Volunteers are not paid but out of pocket expenses (e.g. petrol, fares, telephone etc.) are reimbursed if the volunteer wishes to claim them.

Who runs Just Whippets Rescue

Just Whippets Rescue is governed by a Board of three unpaid voluntary Trustees, Chair Mrs Julie West.

The other Trustees are:  Mr Mike Pankhurst (Financial) Mr Tony West (Administrator).

How does the Just Whippets Rescue obtain/use its funding?

Just Whippets Rescue funding is obtained from various activities. The major source of these funds is from the adoption fee that is charged once a dog is re-homed. This is either £100 for a straight home to home adoption or £200 when a dog is re-homed from one of our foster carers. The other source of income is from our on-line shop where we sell various whippet related items from pens to whippet coats. We also have a “Friends of Just Whippets Rescue” where members receive regular newsletters throughout the year. Donations are received throughout the year from meet and greets and our supporters.

This income is then used to fund veterinary costs. The majority of these costs are for neutering, vaccinations and micro-chipping. Additional costs normally include the on going treatment of elderly whippets that are in our care.