How do I Adopt

Please do not phone or email us asking for more details of dogs that are on the web site, as we initially require you to have completed an adoption application form and have sucessfully undergone a home check to ascertain a suitable match.

Whippets can live for 15 years or more, can you give a home to a dog for that length of time?

I would like to adopt a whippet, what do I do now?

You should read through our Adopting A Whippet criteria and complete an application form. Click here to read the criteria.

I have completed the form, what happens now?

When we receive your completed form we will arrange for a homechecker to visit you. The homecheckers are all volunteers and many of them are freelance. This means they are not directly connected to our rescue, but help out with lots of different rescues. When your homecheck is completed the homechecker will return the Homecheck form to ourselves for Trustees approval.

How much will you tell me about the dogs I am interested in?

When we take a dog into rescue, we ask the owners to give us as much information as possible, sometimes this is very patchy information. Wherever possible we will try to verify any veterinary history but we do not have the time or the resources to cross check or verify every single piece of veterinary history that the owners may or may not choose give to us.

How can I meet the dog?

We will not place dogs into kennels and we work on the basis that the home giving up the dog holds onto it, until a new home can be identified. If that is not possible we then use our foster homes.

How long will it take for me to adopt a dog?

There cannot be any specific answer to this question. It really does depend on if you want a male or female, what age, if it can live with other dogs or cats or children. There are so many variables, this is why we ask you so many questions on the application form. The welfare of the dog is our main concern and we need to be sure we get the best possible match for the dog.

Homes that want bitches only, will find the wait a little longer than a home that will consider either sex.

How much does it cost?

We will ask you for an administration fee of £100 per dog if the dog is with the owner (home to home) or £200 if the dog is in Foster. These fees help us to cover the costs of caring for over 200 dogs every year. Every dog adopted from Just Whippets Rescue is:



Neutered Or (comes with a neutering voucher if a puppy or has not had a first season). If you are adopting a dog from it’s owner (A home to Home £100.00) re homing, neutering costs will not be covered by the Charity. So in some cases the dog has not been neutered by it’s original owner, in these cases the Charity will look to the new adopter to cover the neutering Fee. This will be fully discussed and agreed to under contract at time of Adoption.

Under no circumstances and with no exceptions is Just Whippets Rescue dog to be used for breeding.

Please be aware that our terms and conditions of adoption are non negotiable and the agreement you will be asked to sign is binding. The administration fee is non refundable. After an initial settling in period or If, at some future stage, you are unable to keep the dog you have adopted from us we will always take a dog back. Each Adopted dog comes with 4 weeks free Petplan Cover. Petplan will donate 10% of your premium to Just Whippets Rescue when you take out a Policy quoting Petplan Reference Number 1300061325.

If I have any problems who do I ask for help?

We would always recommend you visit local dog training classes as a good place to begin. We do have a volunteer behaviourist who will give you help and advice on the phone and depending on where you live, they may be able to visit you to offer further support. We are only a phone call away too and can give you any support. Our Post Homing Officer will give you a call after a few weeks to ask how the dog is settling in and be able to help with any training issues you may have experienced.

What if the dog is still not settling in?

We firmly believe in the saying “right dog, right home” so if you are not the right home for the dog, or the dog is not the right dog for you, we will take the dog back and find it a home elsewhere.

Please read all the information on the web site and look through our terms and conditions.